Pudee’s Top Ten Video Games of 2021


It’s the final individual top ten video games of 2021. It might be last but it’s hardly the least. Stay tuned for the overall site top ten GOTY award coming this week. We have Mitchell/Pudee’s list. Here are the honourable mentions that didn’t quite make the list but are pretty good anyways:

  • Sable
  • Griftlands
  • Dodgeball Academia
  • Lost Judgement.

Here is the top ten.

10. Curse of the Dead Gods.

9. Deathloop

8. The Artful Escape

7. Persona 5: Strikers

6. Resident Evil: Village

5. Ratchet and Clank: Rift Apart

4. Forza Horizon 5

3. Unpacking

2. Death’s Door

1. Returnal

Returnal - the winner of Pudee's Top Ten Video Games of 2021

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