Minis: Parasite, Book Smart and Far from Home


With uni starting it out, it’s time to get some quick reviews starting. We have Parasite, Book Smart and Spiderman Far From Home.


Parasite mini review

Parasite is an amazing tale of class warfare that moves from comedic to dark horror in an almost effortless way. Equal part thoughtful, horrific and funny this tale of an unemployed family infiltrating the serving stuff of a wealthy one, goes some places. None of this should surprise fans of South-Korean director Joon-ho Bong whose energy has brought amazing films like Snowpiercer and The Host to life.  “It’s Metaphorical”, says one of the characters almost certainly pointing to the film’s intent. An absolute must see!


BookSmart is no female Superbad clone even if it bears similarities with it because it involves one last wild night before high school ends. Yet inject it with brains and even more heart. Of course, included a whip-smart cast helps and its mix between raunchy and ethically woke jokes and you have a surprising take on a familiar story. Olivia Wilde directs with an at times inspired style.

Spider-man Far from Home.

Spider-man Far From Home is fun and lightweight and yet offers a surprising amount of weight about the events of the Infinity War Saga. The young cast continues to demonstrate their delightful chemistry, whether it be romantic or otherwise. Peter Parker’s attempt to just have a holiday while being groomed Jake Gyllenhaal’s Mysterio is a welcome addition but the twists are a little underwhelming that he brings with him. Overall a solid addition that seems fun if inconsequential.

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