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Latest from the Blog

EntDem’s Video Game of The Year 2021

Well it’s the last big award of our video game awards. We argue, haggle, plea, persuade and negotiate our way to a top ten list for the site. What you have is our overall top ten and our overall Video Game of the Year 2021. If you want to find out how we got there…

Pudee’s Top Ten Video Games of 2021

It’s the final individual top ten video games of 2021. It might be last but it’s hardly the least. Stay tuned for the overall site top ten GOTY award coming this week. We have Mitchell/Pudee’s list. Here are the honourable mentions that didn’t quite make the list but are pretty good anyways: Sable Griftlands Dodgeball…

Best Style, Best New Character and Most Anticipated for 2022

This is the last of our category awards for 2021 before the big game of the year deliberations. This time round we deal with best style, best new characters and our most anticipated video game coming in 2022. As always we recorded our deliberations and you listen to that below. Of course you could cheat…

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