Get Out Film review

Get Out Mini Review


What I Liked About Get Out:

  • Get Out is a thriller that will give you the creeps without terrifying you. It is filled with scary and unnerving images. It could be the crooked smile of a servant, the emptiness of the countryside or the strange way someone comes running at you in the middle of the night.
  • Get Out exploration of themes of race is extremely important in any current cultural setting. It manages to do so without ever feeling particularly preachy. Take the scene when they are pulled over for hitting a deer. You can see part of in the trailer. The subtle acceptance, the white indignation, it’s all very clever.
  • The exploration of race is also an important reminder of something that used to be a given and that is that horror movies can be about more than thrills and gore. The tone was actually a comment on what was being said.
  • Funny throughout which help alleviates the tension of the proceedings. The storyline for best friend Marcus is a wonderful little side story that breaks up some intense moments.
  • The committed cast who take the concept extremely seriously especially when it goes a little strange.
  • First time director Jordan Peele (from the quite hilarious Key and Peele) has an attention to details that enhance the movie. It’s the way a fight plays out in the environment, the scraping of a spoon, the nervous mannerism of a person and that awkwardness of being the odd one out in a room.
  • It’s nice to have an efficiently told story.

Things That I Disliked About Get Out:

  • Sometimes the attention to details accentuates certain plot holes in the film.
  • People will still be turned off by the genre.


Should I See Get Out?

Absolutely. Get Out is a clever and thrilling take on a complex issue. It’s attention to detail and its sense of humour set it above many others in the thriller genre.

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