EntDem’s Video Game of The Year 2021


Well it’s the last big award of our video game awards. We argue, haggle, plea, persuade and negotiate our way to a top ten list for the site. What you have is our overall top ten and our overall Video Game of the Year 2021. If you want to find out how we got there you can listen to the below podcast:

Game of the Year 2021 Podcast

Of course you just could cheat and see our list here:

10 – Monster Hunter Rise

9-  Metroid Dread

8- Resident Evil Village

7- Forza Horizon 5


5-Psychonauts 2

4- Inscryption

3- Halo Infinite

2-Death’s Door. 

1-It Takes Two.

Ent Dem’s Video Game of the Year 2021 – It Takes Two

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