Brendan’s Top 10 Games of 2015


Brendan’s Top Ten Video Games of 2015

30 Dec

Here is Brendan’s Top Ten Video Games of 2015. If your interested in our other content for our Game of the Year deliberations you could click on one of the following links

SI_WiiU_SplatoonIf you told me Nintendo was going to release both a new IP and one of the best shooters in 2015, I’d have called you crazy. Yet here we are with Splatoon, a bright, colorful but most importantly fun shooter from Nintendo that shows the creativity well hasn’t dried up just yet. With a massive amount of choice and customisation for your squidling, there is always an incentive to keep you coming back. From shooting to movement, everything in splatoon was fast paced and satisfying, colour me impressed.

9. Soma

Soma feels like the natural evolution for frictional games. Whilst their roots in dark atmospheric horror are evident, frictional has clearly changed focus, weaving a strong narrative that forces the player to question what it is to exist, what it means be human and life after death. Soma is both a thoughtful and tense experience and one I highly recommend, I’m excited to see what comes next from frictional games.

8. Rocket League

I don’t think I’m alone in stating that rocket league took me completely by surprise. In fact, Rocket League was this year’s surprise hit for almost everyone. A phenomenally fun experience, especially when playing with friends. As the single best multiplayer game this year, Rocket League stands as a testament to how a well executed basic concept can create something truly great.

7. Super Mario Maker


Super Mario Maker is a testament to Nintendo’s love of Mario. Creating and designing levels is both easy and satisfying whilst playing others level’s can be anywhere from frustrating to impressive. A great game for anyone who loves 2D Mario and the idea of making their own levels.

6. Metal Gear Solid 5: The Phantom Pain


Full disclosure, this is the first Metal Gear game I have ever played but boy was I impressed. Playing on the PC, it looks absolutely brilliant. MSGV is a game crammed full of crazy notions such as a dog who wears an eye-patch and research on BOXES!. MGSV was an overall unique experience and one I don’t think I will have again for a long while.

5. Dying Light


If you only ever play one zombie game in your life, you would be fine making this as your choice. Satisfying parkour, shooting and crafting all lead to an overall great game that stands out among the already over-saturated zombie game market.

4. Ori and The Blind Forest


The most beautiful game I have played this year, maybe ever. Phenomenal amounts of talent and love have been poured into this stunning metroidvania. It’s hard to describe just how beautiful the entire experience is. Just go finish the first dungeon and you’ll see exactly what I mean. Mix this beautiful art with a challenging but rewarding combat system and a touching story and you have one of the best games of the year.

3. Bloodborne


Bloodborne was the most difficult game I have played in a while but boy was it rewarding. Choosing your setting as a mix of gothic and eldritch horror never goes astray on me. There is so much mystery and intrigue in Bloodborne that it’s hard not to become totally engrossed in its world. What sold me on Bloodborne over every other Miyazaki game was the pacing of combat. Tight controls and fast paced action are exactly how I have wanted to play these types of games but combat always felt more slow and methodical. This time around your reactions and choices in combat dictate your chances of victory and it felt so much more satisfying for it. There were naught more satisfying experiences this year than finishing the true boss in Bloodborne.

2. The Witcher 3


The Witcher 3 is an absolute masterpiece. Every single detail in the game has had a noticeable amount of time and attention given to it. Even minor side quests are given context and voice acting. Nothing you do in the witcher 3 feels wasteful. An open world game that isn’t just filled with distractions is a breath of fresh air in today’s gaming scene. I absolutely adore the Witcher 3, probably the best RPG I’ve played in a long time.

1. Undertale


On the surface, Undertale is just another retro inspired earthbound clone with some bullet hell elements. However, Undertale is so much more than this. A perfect marrying of gameplay and storytelling, where each enemies fight tells you so much about that character. The funny and sometimes very touching writing is nothing to be scoffed at though, and Toby Fox does an excellent job giving each character some time to be introduced and then grow themselves. This is all to say nothing of the absolutely phenomenal soundtrack which serves to only enhance the feelings of the bosses you’re fighting and atmosphere of the game.

Everything in Undertale has a specific purpose and that purpose is to make you feel. Whether it is for the entire world that you have played through or just some of the cast of crazy (and yet deep) characters. Undertale constantly subverts your expectations, leaving with you questioning everything you thought you knew about it.

It’s kind of hard to talk too much about Undertale without spoiling what makes it so great, so I’ll end on this.

I am in love with Undertale. I love its music. I love its art. I love its characters. I love its story. I love it all. What an absolute joy it was to be able to experience this game in 2015. I am by no means saying that Undertale is objectively better than any other game on my list, but what it had to offer resonated with me on a much deeper level. Undertale was an experience to me, a memory that I will forever cherish. Thank you Undertale for rounding out my 2015 in such a spectacular fashion. What a great year for games.

Honorable mentions: Halo 5, Rise of the tomb raider, Warhammer: End Times – Vermintide

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