Alien Covenant Mini Review


What I Liked About Alien Covenant:

  • The previous entries in the Alien franchise have lost focus and gone into all sorts of direction. Alien Covenant returns to a more focused origin story and is efficient in the way it tells it.
  • In actual concrete terms, this means that there are scares and tension throughout. It’s hard to pinpoint iconic scenes in Covenant although the sexy yet brutal shower scene shown in the trailer comes close.
  • It doesn’t completely abandon the Prometheus threads but doesn’t get bogged down in them either. So, you need to at least know the ending of that film before you can understand the middle reveal of this one.
  • Michael Fassbender as multiple characters is fascinating to study of artificial intelligence and the complexity and unique personalities between the two androids he plays. Some of the questions they present and ponder is a philosopher’s dream mind experiment.
  • Ridley Scott’s visuals are always fantastic and there are no exceptions to that here.

What I Didn’t Like About Alien Covenant:

  • A law of diminishing returns on scares. We have seen what the Xenomorphs can do and there is little new here. For the most part still entertaining but nowhere near as scary. One wonders if there really is a planned sequel here what new things could reinvigorate the series
  • Mainly forgettable casting and that ever-present need to make another Ripley. It must be a ridiculous burden being cast into the lead of these movies.
  • Still unclear as to why we exactly need any prequels to the original movies.

Should I See Alien Covenant?

Alien Covenant slips into the category of solid but forgettable. It is tense, beautiful and at times fascinating but it feels very familiar. While not completely abandoning the grand ambitions of Prometheus it also lacks a feeling of freshness too. Fans will be pleased but not satisfied. The rest of us entertained but not exactly must-see cinema.

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